Friday, 15 March 2019

The week from hell.

It's been a horrible few weeks for me. . My sweet dog became very ill & passed away. I miss her so much.

She was a very great digger. Usually in the middle of my lawn or flower beds. I would look out the window & see a shower of dirt flying in the air. She didn't get a chance to get down the plot with me, too many thorns with the brambles, was waiting until it was all dug over & safe for her.

I had got half of the whole plot dug over & sorted all ready to take her down this year. 

I have dug over the top patch, where the broccoli was last year. Will put the sweetcorn in here this year. I have ordinary ones & I also have bought some red & some black sweetcorn. Will be fun to see if they are actually coloured or if I've been "had". They were cheap enough if I have been.

I have planted the garlic & onions in this bed, covered with straw & hay. I have had to weed as the wheat or barley, whatever the straw was made from, had started to grow too.

This bed is for my fruit. Raspberries, yellow, black & red ones, summer & autumn fruiting. Also the strawberries.

Blueberries, Gooseberries & currants. 

Full length dug over & covered with horse poop, bunny poop & hay. The path has been done down the middle.

This was all before the storm hit. We have had very high winds & I haven't been able to get down there until today. Unfortunately I was met by this..... 

The greenhouse had been lifted by the winds & most of the plastic panes have been blown out. Most have been collected but there are about 3 missing, one I can see but can't reach beyond the railings by the railway line. I just hope it doesn't blow onto it.

I'm hoping my luck changes very soon. 


  1. So sorry that you have lost your furry friend. It’s always devastating when you lose a much loved pet (or part of the family). I would imagine the problem with the greenhouse fades in importance when viewed alongside that.

  2. You have my complete sympathy. And by way of light amusement: I built two "growhouses" and installed them in the school garden last week, secured to the perimeter fence. The wind broke the fixtures and relocated both on the other side of the garden all awry. I have rebuilt them once only for a repeat performance! (I now plan to weigh them down with potatoes in sacks)

  3. So sorry to hear about your dog...sure was a beauty..we lost ours a couple of years ago very suddenly so I know how hard it is.xx
    On the plus side apart from the greenhouse issue the plot is looking great....hope you get the greenhouse sorted soon...maybe a few extra braces in to keep the plastic in place??