Tuesday, 20 November 2018

All over for now

Well my growing season is all over, the sweetcorn did very well, so did the broccoli. Got lots of pumpkins & peppers.

The tomatoes weren't very good but I did get enough to make more puree to last the next year.

The peas were a bust too. Potatoes didn't do well either.

So, I have been digging & making beds now. All the weeds have grown back.

Lots of ripe pumpkins, drying in the greenhouse.

Have built 2 sections of a compost heap, will add more soon.
Need to get the water barrels sorted out yet.

Plastic over the right hand side to kill weeds. On the left I have built 2 (now 3) beds. Still have more to do.

The tomatoes are now out & I have actually planted the garlic & winter onions. I have covered them with straw, don't know if it will be beneficial but can only try.

I have bought more raspberries & filled the bed. Also the strawberries have gone in under them.

I have laid the builders bags down then covered with the tree cuttings to make paths.

For the next few months I will carry on digging whilst the weather is good, which isn't today.


  1. There have definitely been winners and losers this year. It’s been challenging.

  2. Well it looks like you got on really well last year and though you didn't post much you certainly posted more than me!!
    I'm trying to get back into the swing of things and have made an early start this year down the plot...just as well really as first inspections are next week....eek!
    I think your harvest was much better than mine last year but I was so far behind from the get go that I don't think it helped...here's to a great year of gardening for the both of us!!!