Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Still no rain.

I finally figured out why I had a few extra bits from the staging. I'd put it together wrongly, only because I copied how it came apart. The person I got it from had put it together wrongly in the first place. I took it apart & put it all together correctly.

The peppers are growing nicely in the greenhouse, still waiting for them to go red.

The pumpkins are growing well, a few good flowers already.

My tomato plants are doing ok, a few brown patches on the leaves & some have blossom end rot. Beginning to turn red now.

The sweetcorn is doing brilliantly. I have got so many corns, most are now going brown on the tassel ends. 

The neighbouring plot is doing well, although I have noticed a lot off brambles are coming up through their raised beds. They are coming back up on mine too even though I tried to dig them all out.

I have been going down the plot every other day to water. We have had no rain for about 2 months now. My poor potatoes are not doing very well because of it. It also means the soil is very hard & I've now broken 2 spades digging.