Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Gooseberry bushes

So I put a call out on freecycle for some fruit bushes & got a reply back for 3 mature gooseberry bushes. Good, Mum loves them & the 2 I found on the plot got killed off by the neighbours. 
So off I trot to collect them. The guy has dug them up & left them out for me to pick up. 

Not sure when he dug them up but they were very dry & very old.

This was the worst one, there was lots of weeds mixed into the roots so I had to pull them all out. I also cut them into smaller bushes & cut loads of dead wood out.

I was left with 3 buckets of waste, but I did end up with 7 very nice bushes. They have all been potted up & watered well. Now to let them grow on a bit before putting them down the plot.