Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Getting there

Gosh, I've been bad at keeping up with the blog again. It's been a hard slog down the plot & all the weeds are growing back. 

I've put cardboard down to try & help keep them down but brambles are very determined to grow. I intend to put some pumpkins in to help keep it all down.

I have put plastic windows into the greenhouse as we aren't allowed glass in case someone hurts themselves. There is just the large end, 4 triangles and the door to finish off.

I have 2 water barrels that I need to get sorted & hooked up to it.

I have put the first lot of peppers in, the staging looks good although I seem to have ended up with a few bits left over that I didn't know where they went.  

 I also managed to get myself a storage box for free from a friend. I have a baby changing table to go in too (for a potting table) but not sure where I'm going to put it.

The potatoes are coming up nicely, so are the weeds but they should soon get smothered by the potato leaves.

Got the sweetcorn in, put little collars around them to help keep water in & protect them from slugs/snails/mice etc.. I have also put a row of garlic around them (not in pic) that has been waiting to go in since before Christmas.

Next I managed to get my tomatoes in. Again I put little collars around them (cut from plastic bottles). Also more garlic planted around. The tomato plants look a bit yellow in this picture but I think that's where the sun was catching them.

Still loads more to do. All the weeds are coming up, still have to dig the top bit for the beans & need to get the raspberries in, and the broccoli. Never ending, but that's the fun of it.

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  1. Brambles certainly are persistent. Isn’t banning glass a bit over safety conscious. We can hurt ourselves in so many other ways when gardening.