Sunday, 30 April 2017

Caught out

Oh dear, I think a lot of us got caught out with that cold snap. Luckily I had only put out a few plants.

The Lavender I ordered from T&M turned up, ahead of schedule. I expected them to be small but not quite this small. The postman had not been kind either, but a short while later they were all potted on & given a good drink.
bad postman

potted on & watered

I popped into the greenhouse to check on my plants there, they were all fine. 

Courgettes growing well, cucumber & melons a bit behind 

The strawberries have been hit by the frost, the leaves have a lot of brown patches. As yet I can't see any damage to the flowers so hopefully they are ok.

lots of flowers
 To top it all off as I came back in I spied a bird I have not seen for a long time. A Goldfinch. I don't mind too much that he/she was eating my grass seed, hopefully it will progress to eating the greenfly.


  1. We bought that collection last year. They grow quite quickly. After growing them in cells for a while I planted them in a nursery bed on the plot and they are now a reasonable size. I have been thinking of writing a blog about them so watch out for it soon.

  2. Your strawberries look fine! I can vouch for the fact that goldfinches are attracted by niger seeds.Our niger seed feeder never went down with our local birds. A week ago a pair of goldfinches turned up and just went mad for them!