Sunday, 30 April 2017

Caught out

Oh dear, I think a lot of us got caught out with that cold snap. Luckily I had only put out a few plants.

The Lavender I ordered from T&M turned up, ahead of schedule. I expected them to be small but not quite this small. The postman had not been kind either, but a short while later they were all potted on & given a good drink.
bad postman

potted on & watered

I popped into the greenhouse to check on my plants there, they were all fine. 

Courgettes growing well, cucumber & melons a bit behind 

The strawberries have been hit by the frost, the leaves have a lot of brown patches. As yet I can't see any damage to the flowers so hopefully they are ok.

lots of flowers
 To top it all off as I came back in I spied a bird I have not seen for a long time. A Goldfinch. I don't mind too much that he/she was eating my grass seed, hopefully it will progress to eating the greenfly.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Things are starting to grow

Some photos of the flowers & growth in the garden.
President Roosevelt.

Cherry Blossom

self seeded Rhododendron 





Braeburn apple

Seed pods, will let these dry & sow them next year

not sure if this is a type of bee or a fly of some sort, see them often in the garden but they never stay still long enough to see them properly
Update, the flying thing is a fly called a Bombylius major and it lays eggs in bee nests so not a good insect from that point of view.