Sunday, 19 March 2017

What to do during Winter??? learn to crochet

Well whilst I was waiting for Spring to come I had Winter to contend with. We don't often get snow this far south, this year it was again one evening of solid snowing only to wake the next morning with it all gone. My dogs were very upset.

With no gardening I get very bored so I have been learning to crochet to go along with the knitting & sewing I do. I have found many videos on You Tube & its been fun learning.

First I made my mum a throw(blanket), that was not easy & I really should have started with something a little less adventurous.

Snowflake Afgan
I did have fun making it & I have to admit quite proud even if there were some mistakes (mum will never know).

Next I made a wrap, the instructions were not very clear & I ended up undoing it & remaking it until I finally figured it out. Even then I had still gone wrong but at-least I know for next time.

Mobius Crochet Wrap available to buy on e-bay
Most of my items are being sold to raise money for Help 4 Heroes, there are also scarves/snoods available.

Next I crocheted another wrap in donated wool. This was a lot easier but still didn't got 100% right. The sizes were a little out & it's only now I'm realising USA size is not the same as UK size.

Peek-a-boo wrap available to buy on e-bay


  1. Apparently Persian rugs always include a deliberate mistake as they say only God is perfect.

  2. These are wonderful. I tried crocheting a few years ago. I really enjoyed it but never got past the squares stage. To be honest I haven't picked my knitting needles up for two years now...stuff happened...but I'm really hoping to get back into it again. I love the final item...the peekaboo wrap. How would I find it on eBay??

    1. The title under the picture was a direct link to the wrap but it has now sold. which of course is nice as the money will be going to Help 4 Heroes & a local animal charity.
      I'm glad you liked it.
      There are a few other items in my e-bay shop Lilians Treasures, the link is on the other page on this blog.

    2. I am totally aware it has sold...I am your buyer!!😁