Friday, 10 March 2017

Ooo!! Look, I finally got back in the garden.

Everything fell apart over the last few years, that's not to say it's all together again yet. Depression can be a bad thing, it can make you lazy too. I feel better when in the garden but then don't really think about taking photos or coming back in to write on the blog.

There is also the lack of good weather during the winter so been sewing and crocheting but nothing is selling. Did buy a new sewing machine which is nice.

So, back to the garden & the nice weather we had yesterday.

I managed to build a new raised bed, took out 2 old ones & turned it into 1 smaller one. Put down 3 pavers & some shingle. Still need to fill it up but that can be done over the next few years.

I have 2 glass shower doors which fit over the top so I can use them as a mini cloche to warm the soil, they are frosted so it will also stop any scorch by the sun. My archway will be used for my runner beans to climb over.

These are the other 2 old beds, they will also be removed or at least moved over a bit as they are in the way of the shed. I mistakenly ordered the wrong size new shed last year so I had to shove it up into the corner but it sits too high and I can't get round it to mend the fence or weed so it will need to be moved slightly. To do that I will need to move the beds as you can see.

The top bed has a plastic greenhouse on it which I use to grow my cucumbers in, that has now been tidied up.

I tidied up the other bed, nice and clear now.

I had to re-pot my Blueberries, they are already starting to grow. I had to raise them on feet as they had got a bit boggy where the water wasn't draining away.

This year I've also started my Apothecary garden. There is Woad growing and also Alkanet. These will be used to colour the natural soaps I like to make. There is also some Plantain which I put into my balms. I will be making another bed next to this one, I already have Poppy (seed for exfoliating) and Rose (for petals) there, just need to define the bed.

The dock is for colouring in the soaps too, the root gives a pink colour. I need to see if the leaves can be used for anything too.

I cleared all the old strawberries out of my trough. I will be using this for lettuce this year, well that's the plan anyway.

Now I need to sort out all the pots and both compost bins. Oh and I've already found Vine weevil so will need to check all my pots again.

Everything is starting to get growing, hopefully I will keep on top of it this year.

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  1. I've never come across anyone potting up docks before. We actually had a vine weevil crawling up our bathroom wall!
    Glad that you are managing ti get sorted out - hopefully it will help you feel better.