Friday, 17 March 2017

Lovely weather

The weather has been lovely this week so I've been out in the garden. It helped that I also had an extra day off work.


First I sowed some carrots & some parsnips into my boxes. These are filled with a sand & compost mix which lets the roots grow nice & straight. I will thin them out as they grow.
I have sprinkled some vermiculite on the top & covered with my racks so no birds or mice can get to the seed.


Inside the greenhouse it's been getting very hot during the day, I did consider sitting in there & having a sauna.
I got to sowing some lettuces ready to go into my troughs outside. The strawberries didn't do well in there but I think lettuce will and it's all the cut & come again type.
I also sowed some runner beans, only 9 this year as they will be growing up the archway rather than having a whole bed dedicated to them. 
Runner beans in pots, lettuce in the trays

I also sowed some Thai Basil a little while ago, it has germinated & beginning to grow well. I also sowed some Lemongrass, so far only one seed has germinated but it is supposed to take a while.
I took some cuttings of my trailing geranium.

Basil on right, Lemongrass on the left.
 I also got round to popping my Sweet Potato into some compost, probably left it far too late.

Sweet potato
 The Geraniums survived over the winter in the greenhouse. The greenhouse is insulated with bubble wrap and they are sitting on the tray of the heated propagator to give them some warmth. I have turned this off now but they have all grown and as you can see they are all in flower too.

Overwintered Geraniums

The trailing Geraniums also survived

Outside I moved one of the mini greenhouses to the side of the doorway and the Blueberries in-front of the new bed. At the moment the carrots are in front of them but the box will be moved.

Now the strawberries. They hadn't done well in the trough a few years ago so I had used hanging baskets last year. I had hung them on the arch but they were awful to water & ended up drying out. It did mean that the slugs & snails didn't get them but I'm sure the birds made up for that. So this year I had a brainwave & decided to use the space along the greenhouse to hang a deeper trough. The trough didn't come with hangers so I bought some replacement chains & used those. Now as it's hanging along a side the chains were uneven, so I took 3 links out of 2 of the chains so it now hangs evenly & flush against the glass. Hopefully this is deep enough & I've added water retaining crystals to help. I bought some new plants as the ones I already have are at the end of their usefulness.
We have rain forecast for the next few days, hopefully it won't last long & I can get out in the garden again soon.


  1. Everything is looking great...I haven't even sorted through my seeds yet let alone started sowing. Roll on Easter vacation, then I can really get stuck into things!! You have certainly given me some inspiration!!