Saturday, 9 May 2015

Photo update

Sweet potatoes
 The sweet potato tuber is in soil, I keep this warm & wet to let the slips grow. I then pick them off & put them in water to grow roots before potting then up, if they already have some roots then I pot them up straight away. Keeping them warm & moist seems to work, before when I've just kept them in water indoors I've not had any success.

cucumbers & squashes

apple tree blossom
Both apple trees are in bloom this year, normally they alternate.

Sorry photo's are a couple of weeks old now. I will take more as everything has grown tremendously since then.


  1. Some of our apple trees are loaded this year and one has decided just to flower at the bottom. It's being a funny old year.

  2. That sounds like a good way of propagating Sweet Potatoes. I am trying them for the first time, using the "rooting in water" technique. I have just potted-up in soil my first 5 slips. I'm not expecting a hug harvest!