Monday, 8 September 2014

September already

Wow, this year has gone by so quickly. The garden is still growing, although most is coming to an end.

I still have potatoes growing, I want them to get nice & big. The second lot of tomatoes I planted are still green, waiting for them to go red. The first lot planted in the baskets have finished & been composted. The cucumbers had a good run although they are still going the new fruits are still small & don't seem to be getting much bigger.

Over the last few months I have been very busy. Mum loves her garden & I've managed to pick up some Meerkat statues for her from freecycle. The lights don't work but they still look good. I also got a dehydrator & a yoghurt maker.

The yoghurt maker I've had for a while now, reading up on-line how to use it means that we are now getting lots of home made yoghurt for the dogs, they love it. The dehydrator is still a work in progress, the first use was a disaster. I sliced the apples too thin & they all stuck. So research was needed. Always spray the trays with oil & don't cut too thinly seems to be the way to go. The second try turned out much better. Pictures are the third try.

Last of the mini tomatoes whole. Sliced larger plum tomatoes

Second layer has sliced apple & banana

Top layer has sliced banana with cinnamon

There are five layers but you can use as many of few as you like. I might also buy some more so I can stack it higher for when I have more to dry. Not sure on how that would impact on drying time but it currently takes any where from 12 to 24 hours depending on thickness & what it is. So far I have only dried fruits. I have been searching on-line for other things & may try a few later on.

You can just see the yoghurt maker in the top left of the pics. Not bad for free, although there is usually something not quite right about it. The lid on the dehydrator is cracked & there are no lids for the yoghurt maker, but they both work fine as they are & I am very grateful for the kindness of strangers.