Thursday, 6 March 2014


Do any of you remember the competition we had back in December 2012 for a spring bulb planting? If not it's here. Well I'm still waiting for my prizes. i was supposed to have £50 to spend so it was choose what you wanted & e-mail it to them. Well e-mailed several times to be precise, then the person dealing with it left so I had to e-mail someone else, still never got any of it.
So I have just e-mailed them again. It's taking the pi** really isn't it. Would have been easier to give me a code & I could have just ordered it straight off their site. Don't think I will be bothering with them again, although it does look like it all feel by the wayside with their club.
Oh well, off to buy my seeds from the local Garden Centre, I will keep them in business instead.
P.S. the sun is shining today, I have been enjoying it in the greenhouse.


  1. Oh dear, that doesn't sound good, I couldn't remember my password after joining the club & that never got resolved. Big, big dark clouds by me, hope you enjoyed the sun!

  2. I'm really sorry to here that - I did get my prize but like you I think the club idea was a damp squib. They emailed asking me what type pf membership I wanted to have in a new format of the club and then they seem to have gone very quiet so I took the link off my blog!

    I had something similar with Gardening Express - they asked me to chose an item to review - I did - they said it wasn't in season could I choose something else - I did and then nothing. Wouldn't have minded but they approached me!

  3. Bummer about the item you're supposed to get (and haven't). I was able to select an item - a hydrangea and I received it along with some free bulbs as part of their blogger club. Like Sue I was contacted about various levels of membership and I chose one and emailed them back. The blogger club categories all seemed much the same to me. Then I heard nothing and that was some time ago. They used to run the odd blogger competition but nothing for ages as far as I know. They seem to have had some staff turn over. The thing I have disliked is their marketing methods that offer competitions you can enter but you have to give a code or scratch a special number etc etc - I'm always dubious of these as they aren't ethical in my opinion (having a marketing background). Good luck anyways.

  4. Snap! I got my bulbs and a tree which I reviewed once it had put some growth on. I had quite a bit of communication from Debbie at Spalding and the club levels offered but it's gone quiet for me too. Although their newsletter emails don't seem to be quiet!