Sunday, 2 February 2014


The one thing us Brits love to complain about is our weather. It has rained here so much that we have had floods & the ground is so wet it's like a mire. Luckily I live on a bit of a hill so the floods haven't taken over mine but just a little way down the road people have had to evacuate. To be honest I don't know what they were thinking of buying a house on the flood plain but then they do look lovely with the river running alongside (converted mill). The only thing that would make me buy a mill was if I converted the wheel to produce free electricity, but then you live with the knowledge it may flood & take precautions.

Anyway, today has been lovely, a bit chilly but sunny & not windy. I got on with building the baby changing table I got on Freecycle to use as a potting bench. It was a bit bigger than I anticipated but I got it done & it is lovely. In fact it is perfect, so if any of you are thinking of getting a new potting bench have a look for a baby changing table first. The only alteration I made to it was to take out the clips that hold the top in place, this is so I can remove it to tip any rubbish onto the compost heap easily.

I also bought myself a new camera, well it's second hand, the only problem is it didn't have a lead to download to the computer or charge it. So I have ordered one online & hopefully it will be here in a few days.

My garlic has been planted into cells, so have my onions, they are both already growing. I can't plant them out yet as I haven't decided what is going into what bed. I also want to change the layout of the garden so I have a bigger growing space.

It's already February & I can't wait for spring. I already have all my seeds & I'm now saving up my toilet roll inners for my runner beans. I also found some Calabrese that has survived, small head but very tasty.

We have more rain forecast for this week. Hope the weather is good to you wherever you are.


  1. We certainly shouldn't eb in for any hosepipe bans this year. Love your idea of a changing table for a potting bench....will keep this in mind for the future!!

    I really need to be thinking about getting my seeds sorted so i know what I have and what I need...might get me into the spirit of gardening...I will soon think about sowing to get things started...Must get my son to start saving some papers for me as I don't use tubes but have a paper potter. It takes time but I find it quite relaxing!!

  2. I like the idea of the baby-changing table being put to use as a potting-bench. Last year I was given a potting bench kit by a "well-known maor supplier of household goods" so that I could review it for them. It was a nightmare! Missing parts; no instructions provided; bits that didn't fit, etc. A re-cycled table would have been very welcome at that point. Oh, and the kit would have cost about £155 to buy!

  3. I can't understand how planning permission is given to build on a flood plain!

  4. I love the table for a potting bench!!! decided to try and start some things with seeds I.e.-Steve's apple peppers he loves, saved some seeds from last year, nursery plant- will be a challenge, do you have any ideas for a small greenhouse/seed starter container? you are so resourceful- :)