Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Storm damage

Well it's all been happening here. The storm hit us Monday, high winds & loads of rain. When I went to bed everything was still standing but by Tuesday morning it was a scramble between the rain to try & repair & retrieve everything.

The roof on the greenhouse blew off, 2 panels completely broken, 2 missing. Luckily I had kept all the old panes when I replaced them with the plastic ones, so gloves on hands I carefully replaced them all. Now this wasn't the only happening at 10am, mum's door finally gave up the ghost & she couldn't get in her home. So there she was sat in my house waiting for a locksmith (Christmas eve- double charge?). At least she kept the dogs entertained for a while but it did take me 3 hours to replace them all & remove all the soaking wet bits from inside the greenhouse. During winter I use it to store all my seat cushions & fabric bits from the garden. The electrics were a problem too, luckily the fuse had gone on the main box for the circuit & not the whole house.

The whole of the garden is soaking wet, luckily not flooded like some down here in Kent. It's more mud than grass & the dogs took delight in taking as much of it indoors to dry it out. Hurry up summer. A lot of my seeds are all soaked too, I think I will invest in some plastic boxes to keep them in instead of the cardboard shoe boxes I have.

I now have the heating going in there, the candle & plant pot trick, to see if this will help but at the moment there is so much moisture in there I don't know if it's really going to help.

I hope everyone else managed to get through the storm with none or minimal damage.


  1. So sorry to hear of your damage not bad here at all just windy but not as much rain as you have had. Christmas day was quite sunny.

  2. It seems we are going to have to get used to this stormy weather. We no sooner get one fence panel fixed than another somewhere else goes. As for the greenhouse, we've never lost so many panes of glass. And then our trees are going over like nine pins. Still at least we weren't without power for Christmas like some unlucky people. Today is lovely and sunny though- spring is in the air.

  3. This stormy weather is certainly getting beyond a joke. Spring can't come quickly enough.

  4. Sorry to hear about your damage...hope you haven't suffered much since. The only good thing was at least it calmed down for Christmas. Hope you had a good new year and haven't suffered any more damage with the weather since.