Sunday, 13 October 2013

Well I never!!!!

I have fallen behind with my blogging. I can't say that's because I have been busy harvesting, it's more a case of rain stopping play.
Over the last couple of days it has rained so during the few sunny patches I have been out to try & clear away all the dead & finished plants. The cucumbers have produced their last, so out they came. The pumpkins too. They are now curing in the greenhouse.
The chillies are turning red, I chopped up a load & put it in the freezer. This will be turned into Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce when I have some time.
And the of course there are the Sweet Potatoes. I had such high hopes, already having harvested one awesome tuber & knowing there was another just behind it. Unfortunately, that was about it. Well in that bucket any way. I am going to leave the other 3 for as long as I can, hopefully they might produce more. I found in this one bucket that the tubers were right at the top, the bottom was just fibrous roots. Next year I will follow the advice I was given & plant them shallower & earth them up as they grow. I still think this was good considering I had dug them up from the plot & brought them home. I will also keep them warmer next year.

Tubers only near the top

another large one

Smaller ones
 So a complete total from the one bucket with one plant was: 3 pounds & 7 ounces. That's not too bad. I have already made 2 cottage pies with the first tuber, now these ones have been diced & are in the process of being roasted. I will then freeze them to use with my roasts during the year.

Although I do have to admit I was rather taken aback when I started peeling the large one. Nature is funny sometimes.

Oo er.