Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Do you remember that beautiful Sweet Potato that was poking it's head out of the soil? Well I couldn't resist any longer.


1 pound 4 oz
Awesome. I have peeled it & cut it up & put it in with a few potatoes for the topping on my Cottage Pie. Tonight's tea. I've also used my tomato puree.

I also saw another one behind it, can't wait to pull them all.


  1. Sweet - and fresh. Really impressive.

  2. I really think I need to grow a few slips next year. Adding it to mash for a cottage pie topping is a great idea and I think the hubby and kids would like this!!

  3. We haven't tipped ours out yer. I wonder whether we will have any sort of crop?

  4. Its great to see sweet potatoes growing successfully as I didn't think they liked our weather. We've had a warm, dry summer so maybe that has helped. Hope the rest of the tub shows good results.