Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Up until now I've been picking small amounts as they begin to ripen. Well today I got quite a hoard.
The first of my chillies, lots of tomatoes, runner beans and of course cucumber. The cucumbers have nearly finished now, one of the plants has mosaic virus which is now getting quite bad so I don't think it will produce much anymore.

Probably the last few cucumbers

I have had the first ripe Chillies, this is the first time I have grown these. The intention is to make some Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce for my son. There isn't enough yet so I will chop & freeze these until there are more.

Mixture of Chillies

I have already had 2 heads of Calabrese but managed to get a few more today, the caterpillars have been having a munch but I hope I've managed to keep enough of them off not to worry about cooking a few (yes, last year we found some cooked even after I had meticulously cleaned them).

Hopefully Caterpillar free
Then there is the tomatoes. Lots of lovely red ones. The dark one I planted (not sure what type but will look it up) has started to ripen but not enough to pick yet. Gardeners Delight is the other type I like to plant, mum likes the small type and this produces lots of lovely cherry red small tomatoes.

For mum
Next year I would like to try growing some that can be made into a strong puree which I can then freeze. Not something I've tried before, but then there are many things I have tried this year for the first time.

Finally there is the runner beans. We have picked a few so far but they took their time to recover after I dug them up from the plot. The French beans didn't make it, all died.

Runner beans
We still have a few of the potatoes left, getting through them slowly. Mum still has some of her Desiree left, she gave a few of them to my brother, makes me laugh that he will accept my potatoes but won't talk to me (we don't get on at all).

Hope you are all picking lots from your plots or gardens. I am looking forward to my Sweet potatoes, not sure when they will be ready or even how I will tell. The Sweetcorn is getting plump too.


  1. Our runner beans have been slow to produce andwe didn't dig ours up!

  2. all that looks so wonderful, beautiful colors, you have a green thumb for sure. my little apple peppers are falling off the plant just as they are turning red, but not ripe yet...any suggestions?