Friday, 6 September 2013


Look what I found hiding under the soil...... a Sweet Potato...

Only a gardener could get this excited.....

My first time growing these & it looks like they may be a success. Not ready to harvest yet, I've heard you need to wait until the tops die down. It's a bit dry in there, I have been watering every day but didn't today because it rained. Think it needs more so I will get the hose out & give them a good watering tomorrow.

I have loads of tomatoes so I'm going to try & make some puree with them & freeze it. Hope it goes better than the cucumber relish.


  1. wow, bet they will be ready in time for some Hallow's Eve yummies. the "girls" will like them too. nice work!

  2. We have been growing some sweet potatoes this year but so far haven't peeped!

  3. I think its amazing that you've got sweet potatoes growing, something I haven't tried.

  4. I ma the only one in the house who likes sweet potatoes so I have never bothered to grow them...maybe next year I will put a few slips in to treat myself!!