Tuesday, 13 August 2013

So much to do, so little time

At last I can post again. I have taken the plunge & gone for Chrome. It seems a bit too simplistic for my liking but hopefully I will get used to it.

At home my plants are taking off. I have been over run with cucumbers. The zucchini isn't doing well, we've had a few off the plants but they didn't transplant very well. The pumpkins are rampaging, there are quite a few getting big. Tomatoes, which were at home anyway, are still green. I have my first Calabrese head. The first without caterpillars ever.

Look at the size of that.

Raspberries have finished, Jam made, but the dog has wreaked the new shoots so it may be that I don't get any next year. Gooseberries & Blueberries were disappointing this year, hardly any berries. Strawberries, again, disappointing, didn't help the dog ate most of them before they ripened, what she didn't get the slugs & snails did. So next year they will be in planters, I'm trying to make them at the moment using the wood that made the raised beds at the plot.

I picked up a new table & chairs for the garden on Freecycle. They will be beautiful once I've finished stripping the paint off, sanded, re-varnished & put them back together. Sadly I can no longer get my favourite stain, Ronseal hardwood furniture stain in dark rosewood. I used to buy the oil based one, now due to new laws they only make the water based one. The oils based was lovely as it actually sank into the wood, this water based one just sits on the surface & you just don't get the same colour effect, you also get streaks in the surface & overlaps which you didn't get with the old one. I still love Ronseal products though, as it does exactly what it says it does on the tin. Not like Cuprinol. Although I do like the cuprinol fence sprayer, yes I do the laugh to the tune every time I spray my fence. The photo doesn't do the colour justice, it looks so much better in real.

Old colour left, new stained & repaired right.

I have dug the potatoes up on the plot, out of 32 seed potatoes I got 250 new ones weighing 39lbs. Not bad considering I hadn't been down there to water them. I still have a few bits to collect but then I'm off completely. I am surprised I have been able to fit it all into my garden. The Sweetcorn is amazing, it's been packed into a large plastic box but there are loads of cobs ripening, last year I lost the lot to badgers.

I managed to get my sweet potatoes into containers & they are growing really well, lets hope there are some lovely tubers under the soil. I've even sowed some carrots into a deep box, they have already started growing and so is the beetroot. I had none last year or this year on the plot.

It seems to have been a blessing in disguise.


  1. I restained our garden furniture this year a sort of paler sage green to match the summerhouse and am going to have a go at the greenhouse later. The furniture looks like new.

    1. It makes you feel so proud when you see it look new again. I like sage green although I've always been the type to prefer my wood to look like wood rather than cover the grain, that's why I liked the oil based stain, you could see the grain through it lovely.

  2. I had to switch to chrome as well at one stage to use Blogger. Sounds like you'll be quite busy with your new furniture; they look to be good pieces. Will you show us the end result later on?

    1. I will post pics when it's all finished. It will take a while though as I have so much to do to get the garden turned into the allotment. I have so many ideas but not the money yet. It's all lovely wood underneath, I think it must have been quite expensive when it was bought.