Saturday, 31 August 2013

Autumn is nearly here

It's only 8.30pm and outside it's already dark. It won't be long until the weather turns & Autumn will start. I'm still stripping the varnish off the garden furniture, it's not been as quick nor easy as I had hoped. Although what I have done looks good.

The plants are growing, the sweetcorn has lots of cobs although I don't think they are ready yet. Most people say its when the little frilly bit at the top goes brown, but I've found they still aren't ready. I did find a caterpillar eating one, was not happy.

I have removed everything from the plot now. All the wood is back home, except the pallets. I burned all the rubbish and any of the bad wood. It has already been taken back by nature, amazing how quickly that happens. I left the carpet behind, I don't want that.

Back home I had far too many cucumbers to eat, so I looked for a recipe for cucumber relish. Looked easy but didn't turn out like the picture nor how I thought it would. Maybe I didn't cook it long enough but all the veg was still solid, it was more like pickled veg than relish. I will try it again, but maybe with a different recipe.

If any of you have any good cucumber relish recipes please pass them on to me, either that or if you know where I went wrong pleas tell me. I have a load more cucumbers I need to do something with.

I am surprised how much greenery there is on all my plants, I will try and get some new photos tomorrow.

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