Thursday, 4 July 2013

The plot today

Well, it's been a lovely hot day here. I got down the plot, I really needed to get the grass & weeds cut back. But hey! where is the plot, cummon.

Little House on the Prairie
 So i had no choice but to get on with it, out came the shears & the battery strimmer (useless piece of s**t) and I got to work cutting my path. Now I know we don't pay much in rent but you would think that those people who have a petrol strimmer & cut the rest of the grass could just do my little bit, but no they don't, maybe they don't realise I'm there. Well they should, most of them know me know & they come & sit on my bench for a rest.
That's better
 All chopped down & ready to take the caravan back down there now. I have have my tummy problems & this took me ages to do, but if I keep on top of it I should be ok.

The potatoes are growing well, some flowers already, I pick them off so the energy goes into the tubers not the seed heads. There is part of the row at the back which didn't come up but it's too late now to do anything about it. Not much of my sweetcorn came up & what is there is still tiny. The slug/snails had loads of my pumpkins, I have bought a couple more from Homebase (50p each) to replace them with but they are a different type.

My calabrese is doing well, the frame has kept the birds off but there are a lot of potatoes coming up in the bed, must have missed some last year. The 2 zucchinis are doing well. I still have nothing to put into the other 2 beds.

At home though, my chillies are doing very well. I have a couple of flowers too, the cucumber is doing well too.

As are the tomatoes, they are flowering too. Still very short but they should take off with this warm weather.
The new puppy has dug holes in the garden, chewed all my plant pots, dug up flowers, chewed holes in the hosepipe & caused such a nuisance. Lucky she's cute.

Hope you all have a good weekend, the weather is going to be hot here in the UK. And Happy Independence Day to all you readers from the US.

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  1. Our petrol strimmer faded yesterday - we hope it is just poorly and not dead but it is now in strimmer hospital where it will stay for a week. A week strimmerless :(