Friday, 12 July 2013

Still alive, just.

Sweet potatoes have grown

Calabrese is beginning to perk up

Cabbages settling in with the tomatoes

Runner beans have new growth & pumpkins underneath doing well

Strawberries are now in a tower (blueberries in pots)

Zucchini went a bit limp but there is now new growth
Blogger is playing up a bit today. I have to get a few more bits off the plot but what I have brought home already is beginning to settle in. The leaves on the zucchini have gone limp & crispy but there is new growth coming so I think they will be ok. I have tried to transplant the few parsnips & carrots that germinated but I'm not sure if they will be ok.
I haven't been able to get down to the plot to remove the rest of it as I have had to look after my dad who is ill & my puppy isn't well either. All that is left is the potatoes, some onions & garlic, then all the wood I made the raised beds from & paving slabs & bench. These are the big bits. It doesn't help the weather has been so hot, I can only go down there during the hottest part of the day. I am at work all day tomorrow so hopefully I can get some more bits off on Sunday.
At home my raspberries are ripening, we've already had loads from the bushes, the strawberries have finished their first round, hopefully the ones in the tower will start to produce now, there aren't many blueberries this year, I had an infestation of scale insect which stopped it producing fruit. There are some apples already forming, oddly enough only on one tree, the other tree seems to only flower biannually even though they are the same tree, planted in exactly the same way at the same time.
There doesn't seem to be many gooseberries on my bush, it seems to only flower on the new branches and the older branches are completely bare, it is fan trained against the fence so I will try & get a good photo so maybe you can give me clues to what I'm doing wrong.
I'm trying to make room for everything at home, I may have to increase the size of the veg patch or find some other way to give me more space, I already have a lot of plants in pots.
One thing I am glad of though, my Sweet potatoes are awesome.


  1. good work, glad to see everything is trying to make a go at it, you've got your green thumb in overdrive :) my thoughts and best wishes for your dad... and the pooch.

  2. You have done amazingly well to get al that off the allotment and settled in at home. I hear tomorrow is going to be more overcast in our area and I hope it is the same for you so it isn't so hot when you go to collect some more things. I still feel quite angry for you about what happened but you have taken it all in your stride and just got on with things...I hope you soon hear of a new allotment plot for you to use at a better organised site

  3. What about finding someone elderly with a big garden that they can't manage and asking if you can share the space and any veg you produce.