Sunday, 21 July 2013

Phwew! It's hot.

Wow, the temps are really high & the widget to the right says it's gonna get up to 32C tomorrow. Well at least all my plants are at home now, right next to the hosepipe. They have all transplanted well, although I think there may be a slightly later harvest whilst they recover.

So far we have been harvesting from the raspberries & strawberries that were already here. We have already had 2 cucumbers. That's a funny story in itself. My son was making himself a tuna sandwich and said he preferred to have cucumber in it, so I told him to go get one from the garden. He asked where they were, so I said on the cucumber plants, got a blank look back, so I went into the garden, picked one, came back inside, washed it & put it in the fridge. I then sat down & shouted to him "It's in the salad drawer where they usually come from". Some kids these days just have no idea, well he does really but isn't interested in growing things.

2 boxes of raspberries ready for the freezer

Sweet potatoes, sweetcorn & pumpkins in containers

Sweet potatoes, strawberries & a container of carrots (just sown)
 I have brought some of the tyres back from the plot, these I will try & get into use next year now, most likely for potatoes.

Runner beans & pumpkins, Zucchini in pot
 The 2 zucchini's I dug up were really looking sorry for themselves, so I have cut off the dead leaves & developing fruit so they can start again, I already have new flowers & the beginnings of new fruit swelling.

 Well to be truthful it's Calabrese, the large headed type, my favourite of all. I have got netting over these to try & stop the butterflies but they are still managing to get under it where the Butternut Squash it, I have 2 of then ready to climb up a bit of trellis, last year they were slow to develop.

Tomatoes & cabbages
 Now to be honest I don't like tomatoes, I grow them for my mum so I only grow a few plants. I think next year I will grow the type that can be made into ketchup or puree as I use that all the time. Will have to find out how to make it, you can find most recipes on the net.

Cucumbers & red cabbage & cauliflower.
 Dale is the lover of cucumbers, I am very fussy with which ones I like, this is Socrates the one I used to buy is no longer available but this is the nearest to it. I like cauliflower & red/white cabbage but Dale doesn't unless it's been turned into coleslaw.

 I know there are some blogger that are doing the chilli challenge, I'm not one of them, but I have got chilli plants growing. These will be used to make Sweet Chilli sauce for Dale. This is my first time & I was very worried they weren't growing a few months back, but look, my how big they've got. I'm really proud of them.
Chillies, awesome.

Everything crammed into a tiny space.
 Now I brought the paving slabs back too, I have just laid them on top of the grass at the moment, next year I will lay them properly & rearrange the garden a bit.

2 bags of potatoes
The white potatoes down on the plot had got a touch of blight so I dug them up, I only managed 2 bags full. The Desiree potatoes are not yet affected so I have left them in to hope they grow bigger. I will still need to go down the plot to get other things off so I can keep my eye on them & dig them up before I leave for good.


  1. It's not hot here - Saturday the weather changed and no it is quite cool - I even need a cardigan inside!

    Blight in those conditions - how strange - I would have thought it was too dry for blight!

  2. Nice post and pictures. Amazing what you have grown in a confined space.

  3. Funny about the cucumber story. I like your container gardening. I'm a big fan of container growing. The most memorable for me was growing a cabbage in a medium plant pot.

  4. wow! looks like everything is doing great. can't wait until i get colorado up and running, hope i have a much talent as you do. have gotten a bunch of information and ideas from here- nice work!