Friday, 5 July 2013

Oh dear

It looks like the plot has got to go. I took the caravan back down there today (bought it to use as a shed) there had been a problem before, I had a letter from the council to tell me to remove it when I first put it there, I phoned them & they said it was ok if others didn't mind. Now I spoke to over 7 of the other plot holders and they were all ok with it. The man that manages the site on behalf of the council is never there for me to talk to so I had been dealing with the council about it. I took it back down there today as I had help. There was only 2 people down there, husband & wife on the same plot, I waved to them as I passed. Any way, I get home & the phone rings. It's the guy that manages the site. Well the only thing I can say about what he said is that he is a racist bigot. I am thinking of making a formal complaint as I really am not happy. I don't mind about the van, all he had to do was phone me in the first place to say no. Everything would have been ok. Obviously this plot holder I saw today was the one that phoned him, they said I snuck in & didn't even acknowledge they were there, all cloak & dagger. That was not the case. So tomorrow I will be removing the van & my stuff from the plot. A formal complaint about his handling of the situation & his lack of management (too many overgrown plots) is already being typed up. My name is going down on waiting lists at other allotments, ones that are properly run & preferably with a toilet. The only down side is they will probably charge more for rent then this one does.

Thankfully there isn't a lot planted down there, it will be the tyres with the sweet potatoes in that will be the problem. The potatoes can come up as newbies & be eaten.

I know it sounds like a reaction to not being allowed the caravan, it's not, it's shown me however what this man Terry is really like. It explains why he was being nasty to that other plot holder that I mentioned before, he wasn't English.

Now all I need to do is try & sell the van, although the council have said I can leave it on the street in front of my house completely legally.

I will bring as much as I can back to the house & grow here whilst I am waiting for a new plot.


  1. That's a real shame - sorry you have found out the other side of allotment sites. We have our share of Mr Nasties on ours too.

    1. The problem with this is he is therefore a representative of the council, racism has no place in this day & age. The other side is his bad management skills, less than half the plots are under cultivation & he does nothing about that. Such a shame. I will be removing the van tomorrow, along with my plants.

    2. Have you sent in a letter of complaint or even talked o the council about him?

  2. :( so sorry you have to deal with a little scanty person, meaningless and arrogant. i would hold on to the "berner mobile" until you find a new plot... it may not only be wanted there, but needed :)

  3. I think it's terrible when stuff like this happens but unfortunately we can't pick and choose who are going to run things. I hope you soon get a new piece of land to cultivate. On the caravan note, I really wanted one on the bee plot for the use of a shed...I was just politely told no harm done at all. People just need to be straight and yet courteous!!