Sunday, 7 July 2013

It's hot

I'm not complaining about the sun, we get very little of it at times, but it does mean more watering is needed. Well, not down the plot, but definitely at home. So far I have brought about half of what is growing at the plot back home, I hope they transplant ok, they look a little droopy. I dug as much of the soil with the roots as possible & got them home as quickly as I could, so it's been back & forth all day. Got all of it in the ground at home, so far I have filled 3 of my home beds, they are all very closely planted but the soil is very good so I'm hoping it's all going to be ok. The hosepipe is on to try & provide enough water to help them get over the shock.

Whilst I was there another plot holder was too. The man who I mentioned had problems before. Well it turns out there have been others who have made formal complaints against the man that runs things. He seems to be giving a lot of the plots to friends of his too. He certainly wasn't elected to run things, there is no Allotment Association here, just him. Any way I don't feel safe down there anymore & will also be putting in a formal complaint. It seems there are lots of them who want to see me stay & say not to let him get to me, but they are all men, not that I'm a weak woman but........

So, I have my name down for a plot on a very well run site, in the meantime I will grow from home again. I still have to bring the Sweet Potatoes home and I will need to dig up my potatoes, garlic and onions. That will be all the plants/veg I can manage. I will loose the couple of parsnips & carrots, they don't transplant well. Then I will need to take up the wood that makes the beds & the paving slabs.

A sad day really. I just hope I do not come face to face with him. I kept my mobile in my pocket, just in case.....


  1. Well it sounds like you are doing well getting your things off the allotment and I hope you don't have to wait too long for your new piece of land.

  2. It is terrible that this has happened. It's no use people saying they want you to stay they need to stand up and be counted.

    That's the trouble people will offer verbal support but when it comes to it just keep their head down!

  3. so sorry to see you have to go, you've done such a beautiful job getting it all together. I understand, this is a place where you are to have fun, enjoy yourself- don't think it's there any longer. keeping fingers crossed you get the other place and it is a haven. :) also, I have been practicing "vegetable gardening in containers" for Colorado- with the woodchucks and all, maybe as a temp garden at your home if you run out of room. btw: don't forget your bug hotel...:)

  4. Sorry to hear you are being forced to move and I hope you get your new plot up and running soon. Good luck.