Friday, 3 May 2013

Warm weather is here

I'm getting excited & a bit impatient. All we have to do is wait for no more frost. I really don't think we will be getting any, not down here in Kent. A lot of my seeds still haven't sprouted, well mainly the beans & sweetcorn. My pumpkins are coming along great, they really need planting out soon. My first attempt at Chillies, they have sprouted but now don't seem to be growing much. I have potted them all on in the hope they take off soon. My tomatoes are doing well, they can go out soon, I plant them at home, never had any blight there.
Tomatoes at back, Chillies to front

Pumpkins & Butternut Squash
My Sweet Potatoes came. I thought they were going to be slips, but they were rooted & in excellent heath. I'm really pleased with them. I got them from Sutton's Seeds so yes I will give them a plug, their customer service was good too, the plants came in a plastic box so they were well protected. I will order from them again next year & if the Sweet Potatoes do well I will order even more. They actually say you can plant 3 into a pot 18 inches wide, that's the size of my tyres so I could have ordered more this year. I have one plant for each tyre and one spare.
Sweet Potatoes
The tyres are all filled with compost & ready to be planted, the grass & weeds are growing very quickly down the plot.
Getting a bit overgrown
My onions I planted last Autumn didn't grown so I planted more into cells, they are growing well now so I will need to take them down the plot & get planting. The new Garlic didn't grow either. Luckily the Garlic I planted in the garden at home last year is doing very well.

At lastly, I have been trying to get on with my bug hotel, I have made a planter for the top and planted Saxifrage, Mirablis and Aubrieta. I have a few others to go in and want to get some more Aubrieta. When it is all finished I will show you.