Saturday, 2 March 2013

I am still here

Well just about. I did manage to get down the plot the other week, the weather was actually very nice. I saw people there too. And horses. All over my bloody plot. Great big hoof prints. Oh well, at least there wasn't anything growing there.

I set about removing all the spent broccoli & half eaten cabbages, then dug the 2 beds over. I put up my bean poles and dug a trench ready to fill with manure & compost. There has been sparse pickings down the stables. Shame the horses that walked all over my plot couldn't have supplied some.

I put the plastic over the bed to try to warm it a bit. As I haven't got a shed yet there wasn't anywhere else to leave it. There is still some pickings on the Kale, so left that in.


  1. Where in earth did the horses come from?

    1. There is a field behind the plots where the horses are kept. Somehow they got through the fence and walked all the way through trees & brambles, past the behives to get to the plots. Mine wasn't the only one to trampled. I think they were on the look out for free food :)

  2. Its the first time I've heard of horses walking across plots, annoying though. It looks like you are well prepared for this season already. Its still too cold herein sunny Somerset to attempt any outdoor sowing/planting, without plenty of protective covers.

  3. Wow! Horses walking on your plots! I hope they don't come back after your things start growing! Great it was nice enough to get outdoors to work! Nancy

  4. Well it's all looking good. I have been absent of late and so have spent the morning trying to catch up with everyone!