Saturday, 9 February 2013

Happy 1 year plotting

How stupid am I? I missed my anniversary, it's been a year that I've had my plot, well it was on January 29th.

This is what it looked like then.

Jan 29th 2012

It has definitely come a long way. There isn't much going on down there at the moment, I am hoping the weather will stay clear and I can get down there on Sunday.

I am hoping to get much more growing this year, I managed quite a bit last year concidering I had to dig it all over. I'm also hoping to be able to get a shed. I have my potatoes chitting on my dining table (not the greenhouse this year, lol), spring cannot come soon enough.

I have just realised that although I forgot the anniversary, I did actually go down the plot and posted about that. So funny, think I need to put my brain in. So take a look at the post below and you will see it covered in snow, that was my 1st anniversay of my plot.


  1. Happy anniversary. You should be very proud of your achievements over the last year!!

  2. Potatoes on dinning table? Devotion indeed!