Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Hi all!

There hasn't been much going on down here. I popped down to the plot and got some photos with the snow, picked some kale whilst I was there too.

My plot
My plot

Finally found out what was wrong with my knees. After over doing it on the plot I ended up with Bursitis (housemaids knee), the Naproxen helped with the swelling but they were still feeling bad, so doc sent me for x-rays & MRI. Now the x-rays came back as mild arthritis so they then sent me on to a physiotherapist for a pain management and exercise course. Sat through the lecture for an hour thinking, no, that's not what I have. Well I then got my one on one session. What a wonderful girl, told me exactly what was wrong with me. Apparently I have fallen arches. She has given me some exercises and they are already feeling better.

No-one else has been down to the allotments in the snow (it's all gone now), my footprints were the only human ones down there. It all looked very pretty in the snow.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year All

I hope this year brings better weather & harvest for you all. Last year was a bit of a washout for most of us. Although I must say it saved on the watering needed, lol. This year started with sun here, although the air was still damp, it was not frosty. The year has not started off very good for me, first I couldn't buy the new light bulbs I wanted, so it looks like yet again I will have to change them all which is getting very annoying. Secondly they are still imbeciles in B&Q, they haven't a clue what an "all spectrum" light is let alone where they keep their firelighters (nor do they sell the old type anymore) in the end I had to buy these new eco ones which are compressed cardboard from Homebase. Trip to Wilkinsons needed. Then I spent a couple of hours at the plot digging and burning which was fine until it got dark so I came home and sat down breaking another spring in my chair, now I will definitely have to get it repaired.

I have been taking it easy(ish) down the plot, I am still trying to get the final bit dug over, but I am nearly there. This bit has got loads of bindweed roots in it so I need to get as much out as I can.

Then I need to sort out some kind of fencing to keep the animals off, I don't really want to close it off though so I may just put it around each bed, we will see. I really need to keep the brassicas covered too, don't like eating caterpillars. I know it still looks a bit messy but it is actually one of the neatest here. I need to get a shed too. When that's all done I think we will have a BBQ to celebrate.

It looks so much better now then it did when I first got there (see header pic in it's weed filled glory). I will have had the plot for a year at the end of this month.