Friday, 14 December 2012

Choosing my prize

Well I thought that would be a difficult job, choosing which plants to get as my prize. I didn't know whether to go for tools (I already have loads) or to go for enough seeds to fill the plot next year. The seeds won out. I could easily have spent hundreds of pounds, so many plant & seeds, gardener's heaven. I whittled them down to those I really love to eat and some that I have never tried. I also chose a plant and the Dutch Iris bulbs I so loved.
So a big thank you goes out to Spalding Bulb & Plant Co. for my free plants.
Just for everyone else below is my choice.

Savoy Cabbage 'Melissa' F1 Hybrid

Mixed Lettuce Seed Tape
Cherry Tomato ‘Black Cherry’
Sweetcorn 'Bloody Butcher'
Parsnip ‘Guernsey’ Seed Tape
Cucumber 'Confida' F1 Hybrid
Climbing Scarlet Runner 'Lady Di'
Broccoli 'Marathon F1 Hybride'
Pumpkin 'Atlantic Giant'
Climbing French Bean 'Regius'
Japanese Anemones
Opium Poppy 'Danish Flag'
Seed Pads Fine Chives
Dutch Iris 'Silvery Beauty'


  1. I wouldn't know where to begin choosing! I hope they all grow wel for you. Nancy

  2. Can't you find something for 36p :)

  3. Hello Liz! Well done for winning!!!! I really like your bulb choices for the pot. Prize choices look cool too! I hope you will post the progress, really interested to see what the sweetcorn turn out like.

  4. comgratulations. !!! let the pooch take care of the crows, ha! nice work

    1. oops , pigeons, sorry had a senior moment hehe

  5. Well it looks like you have picked a good selection there Liz. Here's hoping the seasons are good to us next year and you get some lovely crops from your seeds.