Friday, 2 November 2012


As a Brit we love talking about the weather, usually along the lines of how bad it is. Yes this week has been horrible, we have had spells of rain but it has been nothing compared to parts of the USA and the islands near it. Many of my on-line friends are without power, heating, fresh water and low on food. I wish there was something I could do to help them but I am here and they are there. Money is not the problem, they have that, but they can not find petrol to get to anything, and without power no heating either, and it's cold. The electric companies are trying to get things sorted but with the infrastructure down they are looking at a long wait before the power goes on in some areas. Lets hope repairs are quick. It has reminded me of the Great Hurricane we had here in 1987 (Michael Fish will never live that down), how people moaned at that, really it was nothing certainly not in the same league as Sandy or Katrina. We lost power at out house and it took 10 days before it came back on, so we had to use candles and boil our water on the gas cooker but it was all fun. Just like the power cut we had a couple of years back, got the candles out and read a book.

So, down to the plot. Bonfire to get rid of all the branches I cut down as well as the brambles I dug up. That all kept me nice and warm. I also started off my bug hotel. It's not easy getting pallets these days. Companies won't let you have them anymore, they have to go back for recycling. Now I know that's not entirely true, the ones with names on have to go back as they are usually thicker and reusable, but the cheap ones don't, these can be thrown away. I suppose some companies may have their own policies but it costs them to have them taken away, so, why can't I recycle them. I managed to get some, took them from the bins. I'm not sure how high it is supposed to be as the picture didn't really come with instructions. I also don't know how I'm supposed to keep mice out of it. I have just stacked the pallets up to get an idea, I have yet to get all the bits that need to go in it. I want to try and make one side suitable for hedgehogs.

I'm not sure about the top ones, they will probably come off, I think 4 high should be ok. I have to get sticks and pots etc to make the "rooms" now.

I have a funeral to go to tomorrow so I won't be down the plot and Sunday is looking like rain (according to the weather site to the right here- that has been wrong all week). I have work all week too.


  1. I feel sorry for all those people without heat in the cold weather. I have never heard of a bug house except you posting about it. Nancy

  2. I too feel very humbled about my grumblings of the weather after what has struck America this week. My thoughts are with them all.

    I think your bug hotel will be great when it's finished. I think 4 high will be good too but you can always add to it later. I'm not sure if you will be able to keep the mice out. Having said that though If I ever get around to building one having somewhere for the mice to go other than my shed might be a blessing. Can't wait to see it once you have got some things in it.

  3. We may have rotten weather but we are lucky compared with many countries!

    You must have been thinking of the US when you started constructing the mega bug house! Will you stuff leaves/straw under the base for the hedgehogs. I fear many of this year's young won't have succeeded in reaching an adequate size for successful hibernation this year. My plot neighbour found a young dead hedgehog on his plot this week.

  4. this is such a cool idea. mentioned it to my "california" urban neighbor and i could see the ...oh horrors..attract ...things..... look on her face, she's not like us. but i plan on doing that in colorado as soon as i get out there in the spring, i may even be able to use old wood from any fallen aspen trees and pile them up with the same concept. can't wait to see a finished version of yours.