Sunday, 25 November 2012

Busy week

Well I only managed to pop down the plot today for about 5 minutes, I picked some of the sprouting broccoli. The headed broccoli "sakura" is also producing some more heads from where I cut the large heads off, they need a little bit more time to get a bit bigger, hopefully they won't get hit by frost as they are not as hardy as the sprouting type.

I have been very busy this week with other things. As I had the week off I thought I would go and see some of my dog friends and give Fizz a day out. So first I took a trip down to New Romney to visit Jake and his owners, then on Saturday I took a walk around Danson Park with Bella and her mummy.

Fizz & Jake

Fizz & Bella
Jake is a Bernese Mountain Dog just like Fizz and Bella is a Swiss Mountain Dog which are related to Berners, there are 4 types of Mountain dogs from Switzerland.

We all had a great time. New friends meet through the wonder of the Internet.

Sometimes this Internet thing can be a good place, but not always which is a shame. I must say that although I am on both blogger and FB I have found blogger to be a much nicer place. Too many liars and arguments on FB for my liking. I belong to a few groups on there and it seems that the people that run them have a bit of a "god complex". I think they would like blogger much better, after all a blog post is all about the writer and their opinions (me,me,me), which is great and if you don't like it you don't have to read or follow them. Blogger is more like a diary, and I have no problem with any one reading it. I like to pop over to other's blogs and see what's going on with them, some make me laugh, some are more informative, some about dogs and some about gardening. I thank you all for sharing your days with me.

Today's blog hasn't been much about gardening, sorry. It's nearly winter so there isn't much going on. In a few weeks we will be witnessing frosts, snow, rain & wind. There might even be a bit of sun too.


  1. Hi! Nice to still have a little broccoli! What a wonderful relaxing vacation with your dogs and visiting friends! Nancy

  2. I have a FB account which I hardly ever use - it's style just doesn't suit me - I don't want to have to login to read that someone is sitting on a train eating a sausage roll!

    Lovely dogs

  3. I have FB to stay in touch with friends fact it was because of them I set one up...very easy and quick and we can share pics easily. Don't do much else on it though except list the books I am reading so I have like my own personal book list on there. Blogger is a while different's about 'something' and I have thoroughly enjoyed entering this community!!

    1. Oh and by the way...the dogs are adorable!!