Sunday, 2 September 2012


I don't know what happened to last week, one moment it was there, the next, gone. I didn't manage to get down to the plot until today. The weeds have grown, so they had to come out. There were beans to pick and zucchini (ok, marrows) to cut. My pumpkins are getting bigger, one is beginning to ripen. I have 2 Butternut squashes too. The sweetcorn hasn't done too well, at least the badgers haven't been able to get to them.

The beans are running away with me. They have grown so tall I've had to trim the tops. I missed picking them this week so a lot of them have got too big and stringy.

The main reason I didn't get down there was I bought a freezer and had to install it. Well that was a story and a half. First of all I had found a lovely one for sale (£35 pre-loved) and e-mailed to ask if she still had it, by the time I called there was someone else interested. So I looked elsewhere and found one for £20, phoned and they still had it, asked me to call round after 3pm on Friday. So there's me ringing their doorbell at 3.40pm but no answer, so I phoned the number but no-one answered. Next thing I know she's opening the door. Well first, there were 2 fat, lazy blokes in the front room with 2 noisy, vicious Jack Russell dogs, the later of which decided to bite me (not happy).  The freezer was still in use, so I had to wait whilst they emptied it and carried it out of the cupboard. What apiece of junk, but me being me and not liking confrontation paid and left with it. Now the lady had told me on the phone that they were moving and needed to get rid of it, from the looks of things I think they thought I was the bailiffs and that's why they didn't open the door. It took 2 hours with the hairdryer to defrost it and another hour to clean it. The seal is broken, that's why it was so frosted up. Well I called LEC and they said the model was obsolete so I have to call them back on monday to see if they can find a similar seal. Then to top it all, the first lady phones back to say she still has the freezer available (oh bollocks I bet that one was clean). Any way this one is clean now and working (just).

My knees are still troubling me. I have an appointment with the doc on friday. I managed to get down the plot for 4 hours today. I dug up some more potatoes for mum. Cleared away weeds, got bitten by ants (hurts) and picked lots of veg. The peas have had it but I did get some (see photo). I don't think I will buy them again, they really didn't do very well at all. There is still plenty of seed so when that runs out I will try another type.

The sewage spill is still there, the council obviously didn't find the source. It stinks and it's all the way down to my plot now.

The beetroot that I sowed earlier in the year has finally started to sprout. I did grow some in modules and planted them out, they are the larger ones in the photo. They are all still too small to harvest. I hope they grow a bit more before winter gets here.

I also cleaned out my greenhouse and sowed some cauliflower into pots. I now need to think of some more veg I can plant to go through the winter. My cabbages are doing well and some of them are winter type so that will be something. I also have kale.

I spent the rest of the day slicing runner beans and freezing them.

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  1. It's all looking great...I have tried three times this year with cauli and they keep getting eaten...I wonder now if it's too late to sow seeds for winter but I do want to get something in the ground.

    Bad luck about the freezer, I have been trying to find a second hand small chest freezer but with no luck, I may have to buy one new.

    Hope the sewage spill soon gets sorted and I hope you get something sorted out about your knees.

    Looked through the pics and everything is looking great!!