Saturday, 25 August 2012


Well things have a way of running off and leaving you behind. I have been so busy with work, doing overtime thanks to my NOT wonderful work mates leaving, having babies and holidays and bunion operations. That has left 3 of us to work 101 hours between us. Now I am only supposed to do 12 hrs a week (contracted) and have been doing double this. Doesn't sound a lot but I am only part-time. So It has been 8 hr shifts for all of us, no breaks and on our own. I work in a pharmacy (in Sainsbury's) and it is busy, it's not all about giving out prescriptions, there are the long conversations about ingrown toenails and babies that haven't pooped for 4 days. So I am knackered, my knees are killing me and I haven't posted for a while, so sorry.

I have been able to get down the plot to pick veg (not a lot of it) and watering. Picked a lot of beans yesterday (chopped & frozen already) also dug up some potatoes (desiree) for mum. The courgettes have gone mental (I really don't want this many so next year it's 1 plant only) and I have finally got a few peas. There is still only 1 carrot and a few beetroot but my pride and joy were the sweetcorn, were being the word, the badgers have eaten most of them and I think the mice have had some too.

Having said all that, I do have 2 pumpkins growing and I think I have a butternut squash (thought it was a pumpkin but the fruit is the wrong shape) but I don't think it is going to get big enough before autumn sets in and I don't know if it will ripen.


Butternut Squash

 The celery seems to be doing well, although again I'm not sure if this is growing too late.

Most of my veg & fruit in my garden has finished, just waiting for the apples. I will try and take some photos of the garden soon. The tomatoes are now getting lovely and red, have picked quite a few of them. I chose 2 varieties this year as I couldn't remember which ones had done well from last year. It was definitely Gardeners Delight.

Any way I'm off for the week now and it's raining, so won't be able to get down the plot.

Oh, nearly forgot, we got shoved off the plot yesterday, there had been a sewage spill in our little river and the council had to pump it out, so lets hope that's all sorted.



  1. Well we all get to the stage where life get's the better of us but I'm glad you have some time to kick back for a while now.

    I still have had only a few red tomatoes so you're lucky there. I am in the same mind as you about some things not getting to ripen before the autumn sets in...I'm praying for an indian summer...surely we have to get a summer at some point this year. Sorry to hear about your corn...I wouldn't even know where to begin to try to stop badgers.

    Your butternut squash is lovely...none of my germinated this year!!

  2. Sorry you have gotten so busy at work! You are still doing an amazing job of preserving. Rest up this week. Nancy

  3. You are having a bad time of it! Hope you soon get more work colleagues to share the load. Is the sewage going to contaminate your plot? Funnily it is only the Gardeners' Delight variety that we are getting any red tomatoes from - all five so far!