Friday, 10 August 2012

Good news, bad news!

The good news first. I picked up the paving slabs today and took them straight down the plot. I think I've told you that the person on the plot before mine hadn't been looking after it and had thrown his weeds on the path between the plots making a huge bump, anyway I usually just drive over the bump (carefully) in my CR-V but today I totally forgot that the car was lower (a lot lower) with the paving slabs in. Well I grounded out, lol. So instead of driving them all the way, I had to park up and carry them. Dale gave me a hand (faint) and between us we had it all done in an hour (pick up too).

I have laid some down just to see what it will look like and for size and placement.

I need to take my spirit level with me to make sure it's level, it looks like it slopes.

Well whatever it was that broke some of my sweetcorn has been back and eaten the large cobs that were almost ripe. Bastard! (sorry). So I have put netting all around them. It had also eaten all of Roger's carrots (and my only one). We think it may be badgers but I suppose it could be rabbits.

I hope everything is going well for everyone else.


  1. I am sorry for your bad things that happened! Your pavers will look very nice. Nancy

  2. Hope the netting will keep the critters off your corn!!

    I think your slab laying looks great...mine doesn't look anywhere near as good as that!!

    Hope no real damage was done to the car.