Sunday, 26 August 2012

Gardener's Delight

Well that and Red Cherry, tomatoes that is. I planted both this year as I couldn't remember which one had been the best. Well Gardener's Delight was certainly the best. I also looks like there may be some blight on the Red Cherry, so I will not be growing them again, although the tomatoes themselves were lovely and red and small. The Gardener's Delight has lots of nice shaped and tasty tomatoes, they are growing better and no blight.

We still need more sun to ripen the green tomatoes but they are turning. Rain is forecast over the next week but hopefully we will have some sunshine too.

I also tried growing some Loofahs, the plants are not very tall and there are quite a few fruits (?) on them but they seem to have stopped swelling and are turning yellow, except for this bendy one. I don't think it has been hot enough for them although I did keep them in the greenhouse. May be next year I will plant the cucumbers in there, they haven't done well at all this year. It's odd as I always grown mine outdoors even though they are a greenhouse type, they usually do very well. I think it just proves the weather has been all wrong this year.

Now I think this is Radicchio. I planted a load of seeds but the snails & slugs have had most of them, well all but this one. It's greener than I thought it would be, maybe they get redder with age. Of course it may not be what I think it is, I will have to wait and see.

 I had to rescue this little cheeky chappy. I knew he was in the garden, whilst sitting on my back door step I could hear him/her croaking and couldn't figure out where it was. Well today I found it, trapped in the bucket. It's now back near the pond.

Down on the plot, the bees have found a nice watering hole, you can just about see them along the water line. There was lots of rubbish left from the last owners and the boxes have come in rather handy. One I have used to sit on so my knees don't get painful but I had just left this one to the side and as it has rained it has filled up. It isn't very deep but the bees have started using it to drink from. I think I will have to do something about turning it into a little pond. They are attracted to the blue colour so it is ideal for this use. I will have to put rocks in it so other animals don't get trapped.

I'm not sure how much I will be able to do down there over the next week but I would really like to crack on with the patio area. There are a couple of skips on the way home with some rubble in, I might raid them for foundations although the few I laid directly on the soil seem quite steady.


  1. We grew Gardeners' Delight as one of our varieties and so far it is the only plant to have had any fruit turn red. Only a handful but that's a handful more than the other varieties.

  2. Glad you were able to rescue the little guy or gal! Your certainly right as the weather has been wrong this year! My radicchio didn't look like that. Maybe I didn't leave it long enough as it was just a leaf and was bitter. I think radicchio is bitter, isn't it? Nancy

  3. I can't believe how many tomatoes you have...and so many red ones. I have hardly any this year and know I won't be getting any pasta sauces, ketchups and soups that I am used to making.

    I am interested to know what the loofah turns out like.

    Glad you managed to save the's not the first time I have had to fish them out of my drain!!

    I think the blue box will make a lovely pond. I have a blue sandpit boat as my does a grand job!!

  4. I burned all my tomatoes. Three years running. Still, now with the new greenhouse I can hope...