Monday, 30 July 2012


12 Kg, beautiful, wonderful, lovely potatoes. All white (except the one red), this is the potatoes dug up from one of my beds, the other bed has the reds in but as they haven't succumbed to blight I have left them in (still flowering too). We had some of the little ones for tea tonight, they were lovely.

The reds are still in the ground, it looks like spraying them with Bordeaux mix worked as there is hardly any blight on these. I have picked off all the flowers and the fruits so all the energy goes into the tubers.

The two pumpkins I planted under the beans seem to be doing well, one has several fruits on it but the other looks like it only has male flowers, I'm not too worried about this as it has obviously fertilised this one. The butternut squash plants are still small but I can see some flowers forming so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It is the first time I have grown Butternut squash so I don't really know what to expect from them.

Now I had a problem with my broccoli this year, I didn't label the plants properly and didn't know what was what, but this is definitely a broccoli (Calabrese really). I'm not sure which type as I planted several, using up the open packs of seeds left over from previous seasons and packs of things I wasn't really keen on (like purple sprouting broccoli).

My beans are doing great, lots of flowers and many tiny beans. It's a waiting game now. Unlike others down the allotments, I have kept mine as weed free as possible. In fact I have pulled as many weeds as I can get to all over my plot. A lot of the others have weeds everywhere, some are quite overgrown.


After reading someone else's blog (sorry I can't remember who's) I decided to make my own scarers (left). I had originally bought 2 from the £shop (right), not expensive and quite pretty, but growing your own is also about making things cheap and, well, just making things. So I made about 5 of these. Easy peasy, cut the middle out of a bottle of pop, use a hole punch to punch 3 holes in the top and six holes along the bottom, cut carrier bags into strips and tie them into the bottom holes. Tie string to the top holes and hang. Don't they look good. Home made and free. I'm enjoying this plotting lark.


Well that is until I look at the onions. Only one grew big enough to use in a salad. The others have all lost their green so I had to pull them up. It was recommended that instead of keeping these and using them as sets for next years crop, that I pickle them. So I have got out my trusty old (1951) cookbook to check exactly how to do this. Hopefully I will have some time tomorrow to start this (and find some jars). The rest of the harvest consisted of one overgrown zucchini, one pea pod and three runner beans.

The sweetcorn look very nice, they are very short but I can see the cobs swelling and there seem to be several cobs on each plant. Other people there have sweetcorn which seem to be getting taller but there are no cobs on any of theirs yet, I don't know if that's better or not.

Oh, by the way, the cookbook was my nan's, not mine, I'm not old enough to have bought it new. It was passed down to me, I do have the one I bought when I first started having to cook but I don't think these will be passed down any further in my family. My son DOESN'T COOK NOR DOES HE GARDEN. Actually there isn't much he does do, except sit in front of the X-box.


  1. Hi! You have a fun looking garden and growing lots of nice things! Great scarers! I like free too! Was wondering how to store my few potatoes. Nancy

    1. i was just reading a great article in the Mother Earth News about storing potatoes and such- here is the address to the article- not sure if it is the same where you are at, we are in america.

  2. Maybe your son will grow into cooking and gardening!

    I think butternut squash may be tricky in these cool conditions but we are hoping for soem sweetcorn this year - last year was a poor sweetcorn year for us.

  3. Well you seem to be getting a good few things to harvest now. That zucchini looks suspiciously like a marrow!! My marrow have just started to flower and I am looking forward to being able to pick them. I am very envious of your butternut squash, none of mine germinated this year.. :-(

    I love the scarer's....I should probably think about making doubt the wet weather will set in again soon and I will then have the time.

    I'm with you on keeping the weeds down, if you don't it make it a lot harder later in the you can easily miss crops that are ready. My runner beans are now producing plenty for me and I was even able to let my mum and her friend have a few last weekend.

    My son is a game-a-holic too. However he does like to cook and if I get really bogged down at the allotment he will come and give me a hand...usually if there is fruit ready to be

    1. That's what I thought too, but aren't courgettes supposed to be the same family. It does look different to the 3 other plants, all from the same packet. I wonder if there was an odd seed in there.

  4. Liz, i love the scarers! and i bet they work great! very creative, btw- really enjoy reading your posts- i will have my turn soon enough when we get to colorado full time and you have given me lots of help already, thanks- margeaux