Monday, 2 July 2012

Days 28 & 29

Sorry, I have been very busy this week and not had time to post. I went down the plot on Friday and Sunday. The brassicas aren't growing very well, the birds are getting to them even though I have netting over them so I bought some canes and more netting to try and raise the covering, hopefully this will help. I also mowed the patch of grass by my plot and the path to it. That was hard work, I just hope the owner of the plot in front of me stops throwing his rubbish on it now.

The potatoes are growing well as are the beans, I even have some baby beens on the French beans and lots of flowers on the Runners. There is still only one carrot showing, the onions have been troden on by something and the peas look like they've had it.

I have been really lazy, my knees still aren't right but at least they don't hurt like they did.

Fizz has come into season so it has been trips to the vet so we get the right time to breed from her. We had her covered last year but she didn't get pregnant so we are doing all we can to get it right this time.

I applied a mulch to the sweetcorn bed, there is a pile of chippings at the entrance to the allotments that we can use, I borrowed Mr Talk-a-lot's (Roger) wheelbarrow. 5 loads to cover the bed but it looks good and will do the job well.

Mulched sweetcorn bed

Zucchini fruiting

Runner bean flowers


  1. For some reason the birds are more destructive this year - we were only saying the pother day that we could do to net the whole plot altough in this weather a giant polytunnel seems a better bet!

    We have to cover freshly sown seed with chicken wire as we have a fox (at least one) that doesn't mind where he/she stands!

  2. Hi Liz...|I think your plot is looking great...when I get a bit more time I will go out and check your other posts too. Thanks for visiting me...hope to see you back again!!

  3. Hi Liz...just wanted to let you know you are the winner on my give-away so get in touch soon with your details so I can post your book out to you.x

    1. Oh lovely, thank you very much, I don't often win things. The last win I had was £7.60 on the lottery, that bought a few bars of chocolate.