Thursday, 12 July 2012

Day 30

I have been popping down to the plot every few days mainly to weed, not had to water due to the amount of rain we have had. The mulch I put on the sweetcorn bed is working well and the sweetcorn had some male tassells on them already, they aren't very tall yet and I'm hoping they will grow a few more feet. The zucchini are fruiting, one of the fruits is a double joint together, looks funny. The broccoli is now growing better with the net raised but I did find a hole where something had managed to get it, so fixed that. Nothing has touched the celery, yippee! The pumpkins are not growing very well but it has been a bit too cold out for them. I mowed the path again and managed to do some of the path between mine and the neighbours plot.

I have had a small crop from the plot so far, a few potatoes and some French beans.

However the best harvest has been from home, after putting a net over my Blueberries to stop the birds from stealing the fruit I have had a whole 304g of ripe Blueberries today and the raspberries have given lots so far, today's harvest weighing a massive 550g.


  1. No ripe blueberries but we are picking red and blackcurrabts, raspberries abnd gooseberries - the strawberries have taken a rest.

    No sign of any bean or flower other than on our broad beans. I all we seem to be well behind you.

  2. I have no climbing beans as of yet, but I did plant them a little late. So far I've had a few spuds, broad beans, and spinach and chard. However, that's about it!

  3. Are those two different varieties of raspberries? Mine are enjoying the wet weather!

    1. The dark ones are Glen Coe, have to admit I wasn't over awed by them. I can't remember what the normal ones are. They are both summer fruiting types.

  4. Wow, your blueberries are ripe already...I have plenty on my bushes but they aren't ready for picking yet. I do have plenty of other fruit though.....I just pray the blueberries are nice!!