Sunday, 22 July 2012

All was not lost

So after the fiasco with the sweetcorn, loosing 4 plants, there was an up side. I had been so disappointed that the plants had been knocked down and broken at the base that I didn't think. Well today I was down the plot and had a sudden thought, the swellings that would have grown into lovely big cobs would actually do as baby corn. How stupid am I. So down the compost heap I went to find them and snap off the cobs. Beautiful little cobs.

Well there wasn't much to pick overall, a couple of runner beans, french beans, a zucchini and one red onion. All the onions have lost their leaves so won't be growing any bigger. Now I have to contemplate if I should pull them up and store them to use as sets for next years crops. Can anyone give advise as to if this can be done and if so how to store and when to replant for next year. Your advise will be appreciated.

The runner beans are growing very well and there are lots of flowers. The sweetcorn is very short but there are lots of cobs starting to swell. The potatoes have blight, whites being worst affected, reds not too badly. The broccoli is finally taking off although the cabbages have hardly grown at all. Peas, well don't get me started on those, nor the carrots or beetroot.

Todays harvest


  1. I would think if you plant the small onions that they would just go to seed but it isn't something that I have tried.

  2. I don't really know how you get onion sets Liz but I will see what I can find out for you. Good thinking with the sweetcorn. At least we are all getting a little something for our hard work now. I too have no peas or beetroot....still got my fingers crossed though!!

  3. I imagine the smaller onions won't even store for very long, and if you plant them out they'll probably go to seed pretty quickly. There's normally a few onions that don't really grow much after planting as sets. I normally pickle them.

    I'm impressed you have runners already. They haven't even reached the tops of the poles down here.

  4. Liz, i am so happy you made the error on jesse's blog comment, which led me here... i would never had known about this one- it is fantastic!!! i love it. plan on being here a lot, what fun you are having. margeaux