Friday, 20 July 2012

A great disaster

So far I am the only person that seems to be going down the allotments, I haven't seen anyone in ages and it looks like most of the plots are getting overgrown with weeds.

Today I spent some time there, on my own, and could hear this voice calling (no it wasn't in my head), Mabel, Mabel. There are woods running along side the plots and some young fella was calling for his dog. Fifteen minutes on he was still calling, so I pushed through the woods to see if I could help. We searched for 45 minutes, until he got a phone call (thank you Mr Cellnet) from his neighbour. "Is your dog supposed to be sitting on your doorstep?" Some how the dog had walked all the way home, luckily safely. So if any of you out there have dogs..train them properly, good recall can save your dogs life, not to mention saving 45mins looking like a twat.

Any way, on to the great disaster. Something has walked all over the one crop that has been doing well, the sweetcorn, and snapped them. That's 4 I have lost, and I could see corns forming on them :(

Broken sweetcorn

Silks forming

I planted my Kale which were getting a bit big in their pots and laid a mulch down on the pea bed. The peas look like they are finally recovering and there are a few flowers and one pea pod. The beans are getting big, plenty of flowers and my first 2 runner beans were picked today. The French beans have produced only a few beans and are very small, I am hoping they will grow a bit more before the end of the season. I think the potatoes have blight, its not too bad at the moment.

Then it rained.


My only pea pod

And the Zucchini is growing

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  1. I hope you don't suffer any more damage to your crops. I wonder how it happened, I know it's maddening as it's happened to me in the past. You have more peas than me, I didn't even get any to germinate!!

    There are a lot of people down our allotments letting the weather get the better of them too so they are losing the battle of the weeds.

    Glad the dog was OK...maybe it should be kept on a lead in future though.

    Here's wishing you some nice weather!!

    I posted the book out at the beginning of the week, have you received it yet??