Monday, 18 June 2012

Day 26

Oh dear. It's not good news. All this rain and no sun hasn't made the plants grow, weeds have loved it though.  The pigeons or something have had all my peas and cabbages, and something had broken one of my Zucchini. I am very disheartened. On the other hand everything in my garden at home is growing very well.


  1. Your potatoes and beans look much better than mine!

    Setbacks make the end result all more delightful! (or so i'm told)

  2. We always put a net over our brassicas as if not the pigeons will wipe them out - if they manage to survive that the butterflies move in. Do the cabbages still have the growing tip in the centre? If so they may survive and regrow, just get a net over them.

    Your potatoes, beans and tomatoes look to be doing really well so it's not all doom and gloom - we are also struggling with peas this year. For anyone new to vegetable gardening this year must make them wonder if it is all worth the effort but this year is exceptional.