Friday, 8 June 2012

Day 24

Sorry for posting this late, the date was really the 5th June, I have been busy at work and haven't had the time. I went down the plot, the weather wasn't very good and it did rain but I'm glad for that as it meant I didn't need to water. I am on strict restrictions from the doc as to what I am allowed to do. Rest. No digging, no standing up at work, no kneeling or bending my knees, no heavy lifting and no long walking. Well that all stops me doing much down the plot, so I had a bonfire. I had to cut down some overhanging branches so that I can get my car all the way down to the plot, so these needed to go on a bonfire. I love bonfires. Must have been an arsonist in a former life, or maybe this one. There were a few people down there and I did take time out to go and chat to most of them.

I made time to finish off the bed I mave been digging over and put some straw around my potatoes. I also got some horse manure and put it in the new bed, will dig this in when my knees feel a bit better. Apparently I have damaged my ligaments (stretched rather than torn doc thinks), have fluid on my left and movement in my right. Been given tablets to help reduce inflamation and have to go back in a month to see if it has helped or if I need to go to hospital. Dad had this when I was little, they drained the fluid with a hyperdermic needle and injected hydrocortisone, he said it was very painfull, now he has had a knee replacement so it is worrying me a little that this is what is going to happen eventually to me.

 I took photos so you can see how much has been done from back when I got my plot to now. It has taken ages to figure out how to use this piccassa thing, Sue has used it on her site and I was impressed with the slideshow function so have tried it here otherwise there would be a very long post with loads of photos going down the page. So fingers crossed this works.

It isn't easy. Still not sure I have done it correctly and can't figure out how to dissable the autoplay.  Also had to do all this in HTML, maybe when I am forced to go to the new look dashboard it might be easier, doesn't mean I have to like it though.


  1. it looks much better than mine! good luck with the knees. :-)

  2. In the window where you found the code for your album there are some tick boxes to choose how you want the album to play - you need to remove the tick (by clicking on it) next to the word Autoplay.

    If you email me (address is on my blog sidebar) I can email you a helpsheet that I wrote for someone else - if it would be useful

    1. Thanks Sue, looks like that did the trick. Still don't find it easy though.