Thursday, 10 May 2012

Day 21 or a half

Managed to get down to the plot for a couple of hours today. I took advantage of a break in the clouds and a little ray of sun, jumped in the car and headed to the plot with the intention of getting as much digging done as possible. Alas the weather decided to change back to the dull, cloud cover and rain, good bye little ray of sun.

Well the weeds have certainly loved this weather, they are growing at an alarming rate. I had to get my hand shears out and chop the grass and nettles back so that I could get to the plot itself. The track in to the allotments is so muddy my car (a CR-V) had trouble keeping on it, it kept sliding and is now filthy, ok more filthy than it was before.

The wind has blown over my cloches so I took them off my peas. I cut some branches off some of the dead trees on the site to use as sticks for them to grow up. I have never grown these peas before so I'm not sure how tall they are going to be, the pack says 30in, so they should be tall enough (the twigs that is). I hope it discourages the birds from pulling them up. They haven't touched my onions so I am hopeful. I really want to get my beans in soon, I hope the weather improves soon. I may plant them out tomorrow and cover them with fleece, just in case we get a frost. I wouldn't normally worry about it at this time of the year but the weather has not been normal.

I managed to pick up a bench from freecycle so took that down there. All I need now is a shed and a push mower.

My new FREE bench

I only managed a small amount of digging, the clouds decided I had had enough time there and let all their rain out. It started very lightly but now it's pouring down outside. The weather report for Sunday is dry, just my luck as I'm working. Monday says rain again. Typical.

Starting the last row of beds
I don't like having to go to work, they keep giving me extra work to do and extra hours. I have 5 Sundays in a row to do and I don't even work on Sundays. There is supposed to be two of us covering maternity leave, so doing alternate Sundays between us, but for some reason this month I seem to be doing all of them. I still have to wait till the end of June before I get time off. I have looked for another job but there aren't any around at the moment. I will keep looking though, perhaps something to do with plants this time. There are two nurseries that have closed down near me, I would love to open one of them but just don't have the money to do it.


  1. It's always good to dream but if your hobby becomes a business it may spoil the hobby!

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