Friday, 4 May 2012

Day 20

What awful weather we have been having, I do hope it gets better soon. I have just read on another blog that we are getting frost this weekend. Oh dear, I have just taken my peas down to the plot and planted them out. I have put a cloche over them so I hope this will do. The weeds have run riot down there. Nettles and thistle are the worst at the moment but it looks like the brambles are starting to get going. The grass has grown on the pathways and made for very wet walking.

I took a look around at other people's plots, Mr talk-a-lot has a few potatoes coming up, beating mine. Some people have their peas in already and there are plenty of cabbages going to seed. A lot of the plots are looking the worse for wear. Some haven't been touched at all this year. There are only a few that have been dug over. Not good.

I have two potato shoots coming up, one in the bed of reds and the other is white. It's still too cold to plant out my beans. The onions are doing well, nothing has pulled them up yet. The temperature said it was 10oC but it felt much colder than that.


The weeds are growing

One potato

Two potatoes


  1. Mr. Talk a lots potatoes won't be further on than your if the frost catches them!

  2. Hi! This sure is crazy weather, isn't it! I worked out in the gardens in my T-shirt this morning and then wore my winter jacket this afternoon. I have a picture of my onions growing just a little on the blog post today. I also have 4 cabbages in and put my peas, beets, turnips in some time ago. I thought they were cold weather crops and could stand some cold. I did cover them a few times when there was a threat of frost tho. I am so impatient and want things to grow so that I can eat them right away! lol Nancy at Cozy Thyme Cottage

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog, excellent advice on my white camellia that I will be taking, I've never fertilized it so it's about time. I think it needs a taller companion plant?
    My gosh as I read your post there's a cold wind whipping through the house - The thermometer says it's 70 out there but so we've opened the front and back door, brrr it doesn't feel 70. We've had so much rain and cooler than normal weather it feels like we are a month behind. Weeds oh dear the weeds, I've got plenty of those. Thankfully no frost, I think I would cry.
    One little area in the garden was started quite early and we put a grow tent over it and it is growing alas the other plants I direct sowed (radishes, beets & lettuce) have barely shown any life.
    Are your temperatures behind also?