Monday, 9 April 2012


Today, like yesterday, it has been raining. I can't complain, we are officially in drought here in Kent and have a hosepipe ban, but the plants need it. It has meant I have not been able to get down to the plot and I so wanted to get some more digging done. Instead I spent today window shopping. B&Q first and I found lots of thing I want, but yes, cost too much. Brain is trying to work out if I can make them myself, or, is it worth paying out the money for the quality.

Now the one on the left is the one I really want, in fact I want 2 of them, either side of my greenhouse for my strawberries, but do I want it enough to spend £100 for each of them. The one on the right is the cheaper option, but, I would then have to find some troughs to put the strawberries in as it only a shelving unit, this I could easily make myself. Decisions, decisions.

As I couldn't find the plants I wanted I came home and web surfed. Oh dear. Just spent a fortune. I found lots of plants I wanted there, and ordered some of them. Thank goodness I didn't order all of them.


These are the 3 plants I bought. I couldn't decide between the Pieris Passion and the Pieris Passion Frost (pictured below)

Now you would think the one with the word Frost in it would imply the colour was slightly lighter but no, it is much darker (at least in the photo). I really didn't want to make a choice but, in the end, I chose Passion. I think it may have been the wrong choice as I like the variegation on Passion Frost. Maybe I will buy this another time. I also found more Rhododendrons I wanted. I restrained myself from buying these, but I want them so much. These will be more plants I will buy later.

I am still looking for an Almond Tree. I have found one with pink flowers but I really wanted a darker colour. I think I will keep looking for a decent nursery as they will be cheaper there or I will ask at Hawley and see if she can source one for me. I want it as a standard so it doesn't grow too tall. If I was to buy a maiden whip I could pollard it, that way it would be the correct height but it would take much longer to flower than one which was grafted.

The weather report says it's going to rain all week :(


  1. Maybe the frost refers to the variegation that resembles frosted edges. The flowers look like pomegranate seeds!

    1. I didn't think of that. I thought more of the colour of the flowers being frosted. I think you may be right. It does look beautiful, I have a penchant for Japanese plants. Lots of Acers and Rhododendrons in my garden, most in pots as I have very chalky soil.