Sunday, 8 April 2012


Well I went down to Hawley Garden Centre today for their Grand Re-opening, what a disappointment. They have turned into the same as all the others, hardly any plants and lots of garden furniture. I stopped going to Ruxley because they had started concentrating on expensive tat (as I call it), you know the silk flowers, candles, books and stuff that can be bought cheaper in any B&Q or Homebase. I like plants in my garden centres, suppose I will have to try and find a good nursery where they only sell plants. Any way I took some photos of some of the plants they had there, and of the new store (the cars number plates are coloured out for their security).

I took the photos on my phone as usual so the quality isn't very good. The Chaenomeles Japonica above looks very pale, it was in fact a really deep red. The Scabious was very pretty and the colour was set off very well in the pink pot, there were also a lot of grasses and Heucheras which I liked. Most of the Heucheras in my garden are the dark red type so it made a change to see lime green and fudge coloured ones, I think I may invest in some of these this summer.

They have also taken to selling the ridiculous giant plastic garden ornaments, at least I now know where the ones Fizz and I see on our walks come from, not that I would buy them for my garden but they can look fun in a large space (picture below).

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