Monday, 16 April 2012

Day 19

The weather last week was bad down here, rain, sun, rain, hail, not the kind of weather to go down the allotment in. It hasn't helped that I've been at work. Today I managed about an hour. I took myself down B&Q, got the wood for the beds but wasn't able to get the canes for the beans (the ones there were too short).

So off to the allotment, knocked up the beds and got it all looking nice. I noticed the weeds are all growing but so far there is no sign of any potatoes.

When I got home I checked on my seedlings in the greenhouse, looking good. All my beans are up, including some of the ones the mice ate. So now some pots have 2 growing, so where I re-seeded them all, the mice must have missed some. The zucchini are up and some of the pumpkins but there is no sign yet of the butternut squash.


Not the correct time yet to plant them out so they will stay in the greenhouse for a while yet, I can then harden them off and eventually take them down the plot. I hope the weather gets better soon, it has been quite cold here, the wind gets through everything, but we do need the rain.


  1. I've already planted out one of my courgettes, and it isn't any bigger than yours! fingers crossed it survives!

  2. We have lots to sow and plant out on the plot but it is just so cold that seeds won't germinate out there - more likely to rot off.

  3. You're braver than me; I won't start squash until the middle of May at the earliest!

    1. I'm right down south, actually I'm not far from Brands Hatch (I read your blog). So long as I keep them in the greenhouse for now they will be fine. I normally plant them out in May. Our cucumbers always do well and I grow the greenhouse ones out in the garden. The only problem we are going to have this year is the hosepipe ban, it's been too dry, and I think the summer is going to be hot. I will have to remember to keep the watering can topped up.