Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Day 18

It was lovely and sunny this morning. I needed to get the washing done before going down the plot, so didn't get down there until about 1pm. There was only one other person there and they were over the other side.
I raided the woods for branches to make a frame for my beans, all I need to do is get some canes to go along it. It is reasonably sturdy and the poles go into the soil about 18in.

I need to got to B&Q tomorrow and get some canes and some more wood, so I can frame the last 2 beds that I finally managed to finish digging. Should have bought shares in that company.

I also managed to sow some seeds, carrots and beetroot. I planted the red onions I bought around the outside of the bed, then a row of Beetroot, a row of Carrots, and another row of each, so it alternates. Hopefully this will confuse any pests, like the carrot fly. Just so I don't get confused I have written everything down so I don't forget what is where (see plan on right)

Still using the remains of my video tapes as a deterrent to the birds, don't want them pulling the onions up. Wasn't going to plant any but they were reduced in the shop, it is a bit late but I don't mind if they don't get too big.

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  1. I was going to say that b&Q are doing well out of you - has there service improved?